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You're Fine
For just once,
Once in my life,
I want someone to look and me and say...
You're fine. You're amazing just the way you are.
And mean it.
:iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 1 2
Together, we stand,
Side by side, before the edge,
of the world.
Into infinity stretches the unknown,
Inky black waves of uncertainty,
Threatening to engulf us,
Should we fall.
I glance at you,
Standing beside me,
As the night bears down.
And though the sun has long departed,
Our surroundings are not dark.
I think back,
To the days of our past,
Brightened by smiles and laughter.
Then, with my eyes wide open,
I take the first leap.
I only hope you will be there beside me.
:iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 2 3
To Escape
If I wish upon a star,
I wonder if I can get to where they are...
But then I will have to watch the heartless ways of man
From above.
:iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 1 2
Today, I do not need help.
Today, I can stand.
Resolute against the failures of yesterday,
Firm in the face of the trials of today.
Weakness melts in the fire of my resolve.
Today, I am strong.
Tomorrow, I may weep,
Despondant and gasping great gulps of air,
Laden with self-pity and regret,
But today I am strong.
Today I can stand.
:iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 2 3
When I'm Lost
Will you find me,
When I'm lost,
Wandering in that place,
That place without light,
With all the muffled sounds,
And a million miles separating us.
I find myself there often,
Drifting among the trees,
Smothered by the blanket of fog
Like a candle deprived of air.
I run my hands along the oaks' rough bark,
And feel the dampness on the leaves
That lie in the mud beneath my feet.
I cannot escape
This forrested fortress.
It holds me as fast as the Earth holds the moon,
Crushing me in its grasp.
Will you find me
When I am there?
Lend me your hand,
Your smile,
Your laugh.
Or do nothing at all.
As long as I can feel you standing there,
I have hope.
:iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 1 6
Talking Never Helps
Talking never helps,
Not to you.
Not to anyone else.
We can speak for hours,
But we are moving in circles,
Chasing our tails,
While we spin our tales,
Only wasting time.
Never on the same page,
Never in the same book,
Never on the same shelf,
Never in the same library.
You never understand.
And I never understand why.
:iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 0 2
End of a Beginning
Robin egg,
Every spring I see you
Beautifully blue,
Like a piece of sky,
Shaped with the softest curves,
Like gentle clouds.
But you are nestled in grass,
Not a nest,
And you are broken.
Tiny cracks or large fractures,
The result is the same.
You are cold and alone on the ground,
Your future ruined before you ever had a chance.
There was nothing wrong with you
But you're still dead.
:iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 0 0
Hitler's Lullaby
Hush, little baby,
Don't say a word.
Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird.
And if that mockingbird won't sing,
Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring.
Even though the skies are black,
And filled with smoke from the burning racks.
The lingering air here reeks of gas,
No, little girl,
We're not coming back.
But if you close your eyes real tight,
You can pretend everything's alright.
And maybe it won't seem so bad,
If you remember all the love we've had.
Hush, little baby,
Close your eyes.
And dream of yellow butterflies.
When you wake,
We'll be gone,
From this world where we don't belong.
:iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 58 75
I Want to Leave
I want to go to that place,
The place where the sun shines bright and warm
All day
On the emerald green leaves
Of the forest older than time itself,
Where the trees groan and creak as they grow,
And if you're quiet enough,
You can hear them.
I want to go to that place
Where the wild animals aren't afraid,
And neither are you,
So you sit and talk for a while,
And you both understand.
Where the breeze is gentle,
And the water calm,
And the moss is as soft as the softest down,
Where sleep is sound,
And without nightmares.
I want to go to that place
Where hate and fear die,
And only love exists.
But I can't take you with me,
And I hope you won't hate me for leaving.
:iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 0 0
Don't Let Go
If you love something,
Let it go
Is just a way of saying
I don't care enough
To try.
If you love someone,
You should hang on
For dear life
At the end of the day,
Love is the only thing
That no one can take away.
:iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 2 0
Maybe one day we'll remember this,
How you were my first love,
And I was your first kiss.
Maybe we'll want to look back,
On the love that I shared,
And you never gave back.
Maybe in time's due course,
I'll get over you,
And your lack of remorse.
Or maybe we'll smile,
About the time we spent in each other's arms,
Together for a while.
Maybe we won't regret,
Letting ourselves love,
What I once perceived as a threat.
Or maybe we'll just never know,
Because I can't ask you.
What if you say no?
:iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 0 0
Not Ashamed
I'm never proud to be in this body,
But when I'm with you,
I am not ashamed.
:iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 1 0
No Guts
Do you not have the guts?
It's just one little cut.
Take all your pain into your own hands,
And throw it down the drain.
Like arts and crafts class.
Just one little cut,
Fly away from today,
And hide in the past.
But you don't have the guts.
:iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 1 27
He'll Never Know You
You know you're useless.
I do?
You do, and don't pretend you don't.
I don't quite follow.
Stop pretending. You know what I'm talking about.
You're useless, really. So just give up.
Give up what?
Why, that's silly.
Is it?
Because if I gave up everything, I wouldn't be happy.
You aren't happy now.
How do you know?
It isn't hard to see.
It isn't?
Not if you actually look.
But nobody looks.
I look.
You don't count.
Because you're me.
You have a point.
I do?
Yes. I don't count because I'm you.
And you don't count because you're nobody. Useless.
Hey now…
I bet he doesn't even know your name.
That's ridiculous. Of course he knows my name. We talk all the time.
He's said my name before.
But not the way you want him to say it.
So? He still said it.
That doesn't count.
Because even if he knows your name,
:iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 0 2
.after.the.rain.ends. by Ravenwindracer .after.the.rain.ends. :iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 3 2 by Ravenwindracer :iconravenwindracer:Ravenwindracer 1 2


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She is Woman
When Man hears distant rumble,
As mountain heaves and thrusts.
His stark eyes make him humble,
And his pallor turns to crust.
But Woman stands defiant,
As vibrations pass her by.
She absorbs this earthly anger,
And the challenge from black sky.
When diverse crisis comes to visit,
It finds the Man most weak.
He will give forth postulations,
To hide his inner meek.
Woman bears the sting of childbirth,
And absorbs each punishing blow.
She will not pause or falter,
Nor betray her inner glow.
Man wears his pride like feathers,
As a cockerel struts the roost.
His self-praise seeking glory,
For his ego he must boost.
Man stamps his foot in warfare,
And puffs out a beating chest.
But frail Woman is the victor,
That will rally to the test.
When plague and pestilence stalk the land,
Man's bellow becomes a whimper.
His sword is useless against this foe,
Brave face can only simper.
Then to the fore Woman does stride,
She will not shirk her duty.
Unquenchable spirit will not bow down,
This is her u
:iconcreaking-door:creaking-door 38 113



United States
Current Residence: Neoga, IL
Favourite genre of music: Rock or Country
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod classic
Favourite cartoon character: Charlie Brown
Personal Quote: "A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?"-Albert Einstein
Well, it's been forever since I've even glanced at DA. Or at least it seems like it. Looking over my past journals and poems, I realize how awesome things are now compared to before. I'm out of high school, I'll actually be moving in a couple years, I've gotten rid of the stupid people that I've had stuck around, and I have an amazing boyfriend. :) So maybe I'll have some things to upload soon. Maybe even some photos or drawings or something different. Maybe a short story. I don't know, it seems like a good time to switch things up a bit.
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